What I Currently Believe

I titled this page what I currently believe because one thing I strive towards is being a critical thinker. That leads me to my first core belief– in today’s modern era we castigate people for changing their minds. Take the politician that promises one thing on the campaign trail but when later elected fails to deliver–that is not changing ones mind that is more deceit.

The politician who believed one thing years ago but now believes another–we should applaud this individual. I’m frankly concerned with anybody who doesn’t change their views, to me it shows a lack of critical thinking and a risk of living in a echo chamber. With all that said I do believe that core values should not change–such as freedom over tyranny or my first core belief…

1. Democratic-Capitalism. I believe in that the best system of government is a liberal democracy and free market capitalism. We live in a very liberal democracy but not so free market. With government bailouts, top down control from government on business, and an ever reaching tax system –western societies free market days are numbered.

2. Marketing. Marketing is about influencing behavior. Marketing is also about accelerating business. All marketing efforts must be accountable and lead to driving to the bottom line and lead to increasing sales. I do not believe that marketing is a line item that needs to be managed down. Your business will only be as effective as your marketing efforts.

3. Branding. I love this quote from Jonathan Salem Baskin: “Branding is hope wrapped in a desire inside a fantasy”. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on branding with one addition. A brand is the total interaction someone has with your company or you. From awareness, engagement, usage, and customer service all this plays into what is a brand. You want to build your brand–focus on building and delivering a rock solid product or service.

4. Emotionality. Humans are emotional creatures, we are not logical, even when we think we are logical we are not being logical. Each element of a marketing effort has to take into account the emotional elements and emotional predispositions of it’s target.  From cognitive dissonance, mental triggers to our deep drive towards reciprocation understanding the emotional elements of marketing is one of my passions.  My goal here is to become an expert in consumer behavior.

5. The Marketers Focus. I believe every marketer (or business owner) should focus your points of view on what the consumer will really adopt and why. Focus on which technologies and systems will really inform and accelerate on consumer behavior and how each will alter the consumerscape.

6. Social Media. Social media is no longer a nice to have it is a requirement. That being said it is only one spoke in your overall marketing wheel. It’s a channel that is highly effective when engaged correctly and it’s also a completely different paradigm than old forms of marketing. It’s real time, instantaneous and is the largest word of mouth platform on the planet.

7. The Story. One of the most powerful marketing techniques is the ability to tell a story.

8. Entertainment. We live in one of the seminal eras for entertainment. From music, print, to video (combination thereof) our opportunity to be entertained has never been greater. Entertainment will be a larger consumption of our time as technology increases and we move towards singularity.

9. New Media. New media is defined by a new consumption and creation model. Old media is created top down with little care or inkling towards what the consumer of that media cares about.  Newspapers, network news, and to some extent cable networks has lost relevance because they did not deliver what the consumer wanted. New media and old media is currently in a civil war. While some would say old media is dying it still controls a vast amount of relationships, networks, infrastructure, and thinking. New media asks for your participation–old media demands your participation.