Random Thoughts on Media Convergence

Convergence - Initial thoughts (photo by Aristocrats-hat)

Real time search and some changes in technology is bringing on what I think is the next revolution of digital engagement. This next revolution is the convergence of the web and modern media. From radio, TV, to the internet news and content will be the same. Not only the same but content will be able to be placed in multiple platforms at a speed we could have only imagined a few years ago.

If you’ve noticed the changes in Google and other SE’s regarding adopting real time search you’ve gotten just a glimpse at what is possible. Imagine real time viewing habits from your TV. Or the convergence of radio programs that are available across devices and on demand. We are in the early stages of this with applications like IHeartRadio.

Services and Hardware

Part of this revolution will be hardware. Financial Times reported that rival tablets are ready to bite into iPad lead on the expanding market. Tablet products that will be deemed just good enough will flood the market here over the next few years. While the iPad will still capture the mind and heart of the tech savvy the middle and lower market will be find a great product at a great price that will be just fine for their usage.

I can’t help but think that for all media companies, companies that deliver content (think Comcast), servicing companies in media (think advertising), and content creation companies this push to a rich media device in our hands can’t come quick enough. This push means more convergence and the ability to make sure we ingest content more hours of the day.

More content means more impressions. More ‘proof’ that branding and other related advertising is worth the ad spends. If the experience is like what is displayed in the Ads in Wired Magazines iPad App I’d say count me out. But every advertiser there could say–hey we are an early adopter… look at us we have an ad running on an iPad app.

The Next Evolution

The next phase of media is the ability to have media show up anywhere. Look below at the just over a minute video on the Sony OLED screen. The second we can start rolling up rich media displays is the second that your wall in your bedroom can become a television. At the same time television is converging with the internet–you now not only have a TV on the wall but you have the ability to experience Facebook, Twitter, or even Wikipedia in this same space.

The Worst Case Scenario

Here is my worst case scenario. Screens everywhere with content relegated to a commodity. Advertising haphazardly placed through out the content that has no relevance and that is a frustration to the overall platform. Also frustration with what subscription and who owns what channel and content… and the big elephant in the room–if I purchase something digital where do I own it? More on this question in another post.