Top Stories from Today for this story from All Things Considered will be available at approximately … It was his first time on the internet, and within a few days the 9-year-old hacked the system so he could stay online past the 30-day trial period…. Meet Mafiaboy, The ‘Bratty Kid’ Who Took Down The Internet you think your school is overly cautious when it makes you ditch your phone before a big test, you haven’t seen anything yet. BuzzFeed News has learned that multiple universities have issued blanket bans on all watches during exams in case student…… Schools ban watches from exams to keep cheats off your wrist of the biggest obstacles to buying Samsung’s Gear VR is… well, trying the darn thing. How do you know whether or not you’ll like this phone-powered virtual reality headset without strapping it on your head first? That won’t be too much of a pro…… Best Buy will let you try Samsung’s Gear VR in stores on February 8th