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Old Media Terrorizing the Local Townspeople

Ol dMedia
Is the old media dead yet? (photo by ShironekoEuro)

This old media is not dead—it’s undead. It’s still walking around terrorizing the local townspeople. That latest viral video, do you know how it became viral? First it appeared on YouTube. Then it was highlighted by a blogger who is followed by a few in the know within the old media print media. The story was ran in a few local large markets and then picked up by some more bloggers.

Next it hit the morning TV shows then the afternoon shows. After all this then it hit it’s stride. It went from under a million views to multi-million. The key here is that the driver for the viral effect was the reach and credibility of old media. Old media is also being led by new media.

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Social Media Salvation

Social media to the rescue!

I read a report this weekend from the marketing solution provider Alterian– Your Brand: At Risk or Ready for Growth? The report is somewhat of a rehash of things that is already common knowledge but there are few things that stand out.

First, a full 95% from a survey conducted for the report indicated they did not trust advertising.Only 8% trust what companies say about themselves. A little over half 58% think that “companies are only interested in selling products and services to me, not necessarily the product or service that is right for me”.

But this report gives you the answer… wait for it… wait… yes you guessed it… social media. Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter are going to enable people to trust companies again. Also it’s going to allow or somehow change the attitude that companies sell  you the product you really want.

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Tips for Building Authority for Your Website

Having an authority in your website not only will this help you when someone searches for your website but it allows you to create a launching pad for other marketing efforts. In the latest version of the podcast I mention what I have learned in building domains that are authoritative.

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Is There a High Failure Rate in Social Media?

I share a little here on what to me is a growing issue. There is all this talk about social media and new media engagement. I have no stats to back this up but I feel based on my own experience that for every 1 mention of success in social media there are 8-9 failures. In this podcast I go a little deeper on why that might be.

True to what I believe I don’t just talk about an issue I give actionable advice on what needs to be the foundation of any person or company engaging in new media. I do believe you should be part of the big 4, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIN. That doesn’t mean that is where you target market is. It doesn’t mean that this should be your focus.

Strong foundations matter in today’s economy. The bottom line is what matters most. Yes there is brand awareness, brand mentions, customer support in social media, but at the end of the day I believe it needs to drive to sales. I know kind of strange for a new media guy to mention sales and such but I think it’s important.

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