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Empty Your Mind, Be Formless. Shapeless, Like Water.

bruce lee close up
Bruce Lee - Inspiration wtih Punches, Kicks, and Words

Finding inspiration from those that are the best at what they do is something I really do enjoy. It’s amazing that those out there that are truly passionate about what they do and can articulate it with ease and flair will forever be relevant.

Bruce Lee is one of those people. Here is a great roundup of some videos and quotes from a one of the best critical thinker, philosopher, fighter, and inspirational person of the last century. I believe wisdom from any art can be adapted to your advantage

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Your Five Senses

Five Senses of Marketing

I saw this story here about a scented billboard that gives off the smell of BBQ steak  in Mooresville, NC. (see video below). While smells in the market place is nothing new–Subway, Caribou Coffee, and McDonald’s are some of the big names that spend time and effort nailing down the perfect smell. What is new is creating a sense of smell with the intent of changing your purchase habits.

First, I’m not sure how excited I would be about a world filled with smells enticing me to try something new. Granted each establishment has it’s own smell but just imagine driving down the highway and each half mile or so being inundated with a different smell. This would get annoying fast.

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A Major Crux for Our Modern Rennassaince

Critical Thinking Needs to Make a comeback (image by TyB)

I would argue that we are in a modern Renaissance period. Often times the people who live during these leaps forward fail to recognize it as they live it. I’ve been reading the book the Mind of the Market by Michael Shermer and one of the things he mentions in the book is it took roughly 99,000 years for us to grow from bands of 10-100 people to empires of 100,000 to over a millions of people. From 1900 – 2000 there was a giant leap in technology, manufacturing, and general growth of knowledge. In this last leap the amount of information, production, and learning has grown but I believe we are losing something in the process.

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Fingernails on a Chalkboard

Yes, the great sound of fingernails on a chalkboard

Yes, can you hear that sound? Imagine fingernails going accross a chalkboard…

No, I’m not trying to torture you, but even just imaging this sound will cause most people to squirm.

Why is that?

I thought about this last night, can I tap into the same visceral feeling that this sound makes when connecting with my target market? Only not in a negative way but a positive way?

So I began my research:


In this study they found that the middle frequency of sound produced this result, although they still did not know why. But they did speculate:

They ventured that perhaps the sound bears a resemblance to a former predator in mankind’s remote past, one that we’ve forgotten on a conscious level but not innately. They pointed to the fact that the sound is similar to the warning call of a macaque monkey. Ultimately, we still don’t know why the sound has the effect it does.

Now I like this guys take on why:

The answer came to me like a blinding flash. I was eating something at a picnic and I dropped it on the ground. I wiped it off and continued eating. (Oh, you do *SO* do it too!)

As I was chewing, suddenly I heard SKKKKEEEEEERRRCH!!!!! …as I bit down hard on a tiny stone. I think every single hair on my body stood on end, and my jaws froze instantly.

THAT’S IT! Fingernails-on-blackboard: it sounds exactly like the destruction of tooth enamel. We’re instinctively programmed to respond instantly. Of course! It’s so sensible and obvious. Every little kid knows it. I remember many incidents from my own childhood. Why didn’t we adults ever realize? The scraping of fingers on a blackboard is the classic, high-frequency violin-like waveform of hard dry surfaces moving with chaotic stick/slip motion. And that could very well be why our instincts are programmed to repond to it so strongly.

It’s the sound of body damage; but it’s a particular type of body damage for which there is no pain …yet no healing.

I like the second one.

A few questions I wanted to ask…

  • How can you tap into these types of feelings to connect with people? For instance, let’s say you are a stylist or a consultant for men who need help with style. What type of ancient emotions can you design into your sales copy that will not make us cringe but make us want to buy?
  • Since I agree with the teeth hypothesis how can you use the ‘no healing’ instinct to connect with people in your target market?

Yes, I know kind of out there but I like to stretch my mind at times.

The Notebook Approach

Key to insights, thoughts, and ideas-- The Notebook Approach

As of late I’ve been in all out action mode. I’ve put myself on an aggressive schedule.

From creating some great new products, to learning the things that I’ve put off for far too long.

One thing I noticed as I jumped in head first was that I have flashes of insight.

These come at weird times. Sometimes I’m eating, or reading in our ‘sun room area’, or I’m about to go to sleep. Now I used to put these insights into a memory bank…

I attempted too but I never fully remembered these insights as vividly as I did the night before.

So I’ve adopted the Notebook Approach.

The Notebook Approach

It’s rather simple actually, as I’m sure you have guessed all you do is put a notebook in each room or in close proximetidy to where you hang out most often.

This has worked wonders for me.

I’ve been able to remember insights, thoughts, action items, all sorts of stuff.

Now I’ve also tried carrying around a voice recorder but this simply didn’t work for me.

See I never went back to the voice memos and listened to them. I think I figured out why this didn’t work for me.

A voice memo is not easily accessible or scanable. Well it is but you have to take that memo and transcribe it. (which let me see if there is a cheap service and if so I’ll update this post).

A voice memo is great for when you simply have an insight or thought and have to get it out, but beyond that I found it doesn’t work for me.

So while having multiple notebooks in different rooms for instance is equally a pain, it does provide an easy way to go back and look at your thoughts.

Tips for the Notebook Approach

I’ve been doing this a while now so I have a few tips that I’ve learned.

  • Keep a notebook in each room you spend time in, and especially by your bed.
  • Keep a pen there as well (it sucks having a great thought and not being able to write it down because you can’t find a pen handy)
  • Be liberal with the paper, what I mean here is don’t crowd your thoughts on one sheet. When you have a new insight or thought put it on a separate sheet of paper, that way it’s easy to add sub notes.
  • At least once every two weeks go back and look over past notes, thoughts, or insights (this will spark new thoughts)

As I continue to utilize the Notebook Approach I will update this post with new ideas.

What do you think of the notebook approach? Do you do something similar?

Notebooks in each room. Ah, but a pen as well.