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Tips for Building Authority for Your Website

Having an authority in your website not only will this help you when someone searches for your website but it allows you to create a launching pad for other marketing efforts. In the latest version of the podcast I mention what I have learned in building domains that are authoritative.

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Persuasion and Social Media

I’ve been wanting to┬ádo a post like this for a while but I never quite had it worked out in my head:

The latest post over at SocialMediaToday is a mst read for awesome tactics for anybody or company engaging social media:

6 Powerful Social Media persuasion Techniques

Techniques covered:

  • Reciprocation
  • Commitment and Consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Scarcity

Fallacy of New Year Resolutions

Do you make new years resolutions?

I can’t think of any I’ve made, and if I have I’m sure I haven’t kept them.

So why all the news stories…

I was in a checkout line in the grocery store yesterday and could not believe the headlines and subheadlines of every magazine before me.

I routinely check out headlines if nothing more to spot trends.

Oprahs was the best…

How to Get What You Really Want This Year

  • A Healthier Body
  • More Money
  • Weight Loss That Sticks!

So two things…

Instead of making new years resolutions make a statement of fact.

For instance, if you want to lose weight, instead of saying my new years resolution is to lose weight say…

I’m going to lose 15lbs by February 10th.

or money…

I’m going to make $1,000 extra by February 7th.

Oh and about the headlines, I have always found The Oprah Magazine to have top notch headlines that go into my personal swipe file. Here’s more from the same issue…

Eat, Pray, Love… and Then What?

Can You Transform Your Whole Life in 60 Days?

Death Ground – Your Key to Success

Sun Tzu wrote of creating a ‘death ground’ — a place where an army is backed up against some geographical feature like a mountain, a river, or a forest and has no escape route.

Without a way to retreat an army fights with double or triple the spirit it would have on open terrain, because death is viscerally present. Sun Tzu advocated deliberately stationing soldiers on death ground to give them the desperate edge that makes men fight like the devil.

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Personal Brand: Why It Matters So Much…

Have you built up your own personal brand?

Every business wants success and there are several ways for it to achieve the victory they want and need.

But the success does not usually happen happen overnight. The business owner and the merchant must work very hard, have dedication to their tasks and one of the best ways to attain this is through personal brand.

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