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LinkedIn Link Sharing, Ning, and Facebook Open Graph Thoughts

LinkedIn updates link sharing. Take the time and update LinkedIn. They have updated the link sharing features and to me this will help engagement. I’ve seen some additional traffic from stuff we’ve shared that didn’t exist before.


With Ning making changes to dropping the fremium offering it’s hard to see how big of player it is going to be. There are a few Ning’s that I visited often (when I say often I mean once or twice a month). It will be interesting to see if they stick around or just let the communities fall to the side. Neither ones that I visited had high engagement so I can’t see why they would keep it going.


Well it’s a combination of who controls your sign in? Who controls your identity? Should we trust one point of control for who says who we are online?

This concept is great in thought but scares me in execution. I like the concept of an Open Like, where multiple platforms, social networks, websites, services can plugin… maybe how HTML is decided and implemented.

We did put the like button on our website at You Brand, Inc. to test out how it works for us. This will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I do think the people who strongly believe in the open web have this right though.

Yesterday I went to IMDB and liked the movie Watchmen. I then went to my Facebook profile and saw that this page was then added to my ‘pages’. The link to the pages went directly to the Watchman page on IMDB. I was expecting it to go to the community page on Facebook. Interesting in how this plays out. How both developers and users take this.

As with most things time will tell. I do open that more people question this then just blindly follow along.

Is There a High Failure Rate in Social Media?

I share a little here on what to me is a growing issue. There is all this talk about social media and new media engagement. I have no stats to back this up but I feel based on my own experience that for every 1 mention of success in social media there are 8-9 failures. In this podcast I go a little deeper on why that might be.

True to what I believe I don’t just talk about an issue I give actionable advice on what needs to be the foundation of any person or company engaging in new media. I do believe you should be part of the big 4, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIN. That doesn’t mean that is where you target market is. It doesn’t mean that this should be your focus.

Strong foundations matter in today’s economy. The bottom line is what matters most. Yes there is brand awareness, brand mentions, customer support in social media, but at the end of the day I believe it needs to drive to sales. I know kind of strange for a new media guy to mention sales and such but I think it’s important.

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