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The Depression with Ipads and Iphones

I saw this story today about how the Dow Jones is repeating the same pattern that appeared just before markets fell during the Great Depression. Of course the story quoted the line of those who don’t remember history are bound to repeat it.

If we have a similar type of economic hardship that happened in the 30’s this one will be drastically different. Over the last year or so I’ve done more reading and research on this time frame than ever. I’ve also listened to a fair amount of audio and podcasts such as Russ Roberts EconTalk. There is one comment I’ve seen recently that sums it up:

You can’t compare the Queen Mary to A 747 just because both get you across an ocean.

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Random Thoughts on Media Convergence

Convergence - Initial thoughts (photo by Aristocrats-hat)

Real time search and some changes in technology is bringing on what I think is the next revolution of digital engagement. This next revolution is the convergence of the web and modern media. From radio, TV, to the internet news and content will be the same. Not only the same but content will be able to be placed in multiple platforms at a speed we could have only imagined a few years ago.

If you’ve noticed the changes in Google and other SE’s regarding adopting real time search you’ve gotten just a glimpse at what is possible. Imagine real time viewing habits from your TV. Or the convergence of radio programs that are available across devices and on demand. We are in the early stages of this with applications like IHeartRadio.

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Content Secret, Facebook Fanpage Tip, and Apple Ipad

When Creating content think about an inverted (upside-down) pyramid. Always include your most important information and points first
Then follow with helpful information and finally end with what would be nice to know. Doing this gives value first and respects your reader, viewer, or listener and allows them to choose to engage further. Create content that gets read by thinking bout the inverted pyramid… Content Secret – The Inverted Pyramid

I love the way Apple does their fan pages on Facebook. Instead of one big fan page they have segmented their pages by product. Great idea so they don’t have to think about relevancy of messaging or whether or not they are communicating effectively. Instead of creating an official Apple page to gather fans at large, the company focuses its efforts on specific product pages that function more as selling platforms than fanclubs. more here >>

I enjoyed reading this article about the IPad. I think this point is right on. I’ve always been frustrated by Apple and the un-open architecture. A little off topic but I use Itunes daily and on a daily basis Itunes annoys the heck out of me. Either way I’d give this article a read it’s great…. I’m Really Worried About What Apple Is Trying To Do With The iPad.