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Don’t Be Evil–So Let’s Regulate

Should Google (and ducks for that matter) be regulated? (image by Yodel Anecdotal)

I recently read an editorial in “The New York Times” called “The Google Algorithm.” This is about whether or not there should be regulation on Google for their search results. Granted Google gets 90 plus percent of searches and they have these offshoot services such as YouTube and Maps and other things.

Another less than brilliant idea although I am a little concerned about Google’s increasingly close ties to government and Washington.

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Search as a Public Utility?

I saw a interesting interview at WebProNews.com and I’ve included it below. Kevin Ryan of Motivity Marketing asks whether or not search is going to become considered a utility?

Interesting concept. Now the first issue we would have to deal with is decoupling.

In public utility regulation, decoupling refers to the disassociation of a utility’s profits from its sales of the energy commodity.

This leads up to the next big question. Is Google a monopoly? No. Even with capturing over 60% of search traffic I don’t see how you can argue that it is an outright monopoly. People use Google because it works and is highly functional. The second they stop being relevant is the second you start looking for alternatives. A monopoly controls your terms of access to service or product–Google does not control the terms in which you access search. There are more than enough options out there they just currently do it best.

The Big Question

Is search an essential part of our daily life? Is it as essential as having electricity, water, and other utilities? If you were limited the ability to search does this limit your ability to what we consider in the Western world a basic need?

Can You Make a Verb?

Have you ever thought or said to someone to just Google It? I’ve heard this phrase quite a bit, I’ve seen the phrase throughout the years, and even 4  year old children know about it.

How did this phrase come about? Did Google launch a major campaign and marketing effort to change the minds of someone saying they are going to ‘search’ to ‘google’? Did they run banner ads, print campaigns, commercials on TV and in movie theaters? Did they try to capture the youth market with hip ads and young adults putting their search engine to use while on a mountain snowboarding and drinking RedBull?

Ah no… the term came to be because of utility–because it was highly effective and a product that stood out amongst all the others. So “just google it” became synonymous with search.

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The IT guy is Google and Woof Social Network

I watched The Office last night and two things had me laughing but also stood out. In the clip below as the IT guy rattles off things he knows we could easily replace this guy with a faceless Google guy. As the cry of Facebook privacy reaches a higher pitch few realize just how much stuff google knows about you. Even more for all the gmail users like me out there. Buzz gave us a glimpse and put it front and center but that data and those connections are still there. Just something to think about as the “Nick” below goes  on about some of the things he knows…

Also this is hilarious, the new Woof social network which at times feels where our world is heading (update: if the video doesn’t play click here to do a search on YouTube, the man is trying to keep this down)

Search Funnels From Google

Google launched AdWords Search Funnels Tuesday to give advertisers insight into keywords and ad groups in campaigns that play a role in leading consumers to conversions, such as making a purchase or downloading a white paper.

Shortly these reports will become available through AdWords accounts in the “Conversions” section under the reporting tab. Until now Adwords only gave advertisers the information on the last ad click that occurred directly before a conversion. This to me did detract from making the most of paid-search ads.

This now allows you to seethe keyword path and process that consumers take during a research cycle before making the download or the final purchase decision. Awesome!

Watch the video below…

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Connect with People in Your Target Market

I love new ways to find my target market. Here is one with a twist. I’ve always used the site search in google but I’ve been using a new twist on this for Facebook. By using the site search this way you are picking up what google sees as the most trusted and relevant people in for these keywords. To me it makes sense then to engage with these people, fanpages, and fans.

Here is an example:

Let’s say your target market colors their hair. colored my hair search

While this type of search really only finds fan pages, if you truly understand your niche it is another way to search for your target market based on the authority of google.

If you are unaware how to do a site search…

in google search put:

site:thewebsite.com SEARCH_TERM

This will only search on the website you specifiy.

How To Be Part of 83

I saw this come across my email today:

The average US web user visited 83 domains, had 51 internet sessions, surfed 2,614 pages and spent an average of 56 seconds per page in December 2009, according to data from The Nielsen Company.

My first question was, how do I become part of that 83 domains that people are visiting? Well at least in my target market.

Even more shocking is that the average person spends 56 seconds per page.

One more of a reason why you need to focus building content that is scannable.

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