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Geo-based Loyalty App from Pepsi

Pepsi is rolling out a new application that contains a first. Built in loyalty tied to an app. This new app is called Pepsi Loot. The app lets customers know when they are near “pop spots,” or a place that sells its soft drink.

When someone stops in and makes a purchase Pepsi rewards the person with points. These points can be redeemed for a free music download (New York Times). This app focuses on restaurants; about 200,000, including chains like Taco Bell, are participating.

The app shows the participating Pepsi-serving restaurants on a map, includes menus for them, and allows consumers to sign in to those locations (that sign-in is done separately from a Foursquare check-in). Once they do, they accumulate points toward song downloads. The restaurants can layer in offers, too — Shakey’s is giving $3 off a large pizza for people who show the Pepsi Loot app, for instance.

Also in this space Macy’s, too, has announced that it will use an app from a company called Shopkick to send customers offers when they are in or near the department store.

With the addition of Facebook’s location aware updates and this integration with Pepsi and foursquare things are getting more interesting in the geo-location space.

Expect to see by the end of this year and early next year major brands jumping in and finding ways to monetize the fact that almost everybody on the planet is carrying around a location announcing device. Now it’s up to them to get me to actually want to interact, engage and check in.

Location Feature on Facebook

Facebook is working on launching their location based status updates. Starting as soon as this month you will be allowed to post your location when you do a status update.

Facebook is rolling this out with a partnership with McDonald’s via an application. This app would allow users to check in at one of its restaurants and have a featured product appear in the post, such as an Angus Quarter Pounder, say executives close to the deal (via AdAge).

What Does This Mean for Other Geo Location Services?

I would be worried. Foursquare has to beg for users. It has to have you proactively connect with your friends. Facebook already has these connections. This becomes even more powerful when it’s just part of your status update. Something like a quick question as to whether or not you want to announce your location with this update.

Of course if Facebook was true to form they would just release this as an update to their mobile platform. Suddenly you would wake up tomorrow and your mobile post would be geo-tagged to a Facebook location. Then you would heard from Zuckerberg that people not only no longer care about privacy but they now they no longer care if people always know where you are.

The Future of Location on Facebook?

I see this growing and could be something very big. Facebook has your connections and if this can be done in a way that allows people to explore and have fun in their city I don’t see how it will slow down. That really has been the promise of Foursqure.

While Facebook says now that they have no plan to monetize (similar to the no mobile advertising) I can’t see that lasting long. This data, information, and engagement are just too rich and is in a very competitive market. Foursquare with it’s tiny user base has proven this, now enter Facebook.

Geo Location, Foursquare, and Adoption for Business

One of the things I have been testing lately is geo location search. I see this as one of the ultimate ways to connect with people.

Looking for a towing company, why not pick the closest? Looking to change your oil for your car, wouldn’t it be nice to see the local places that offer coupons or good deals?

This is one of the promises of GEO location based search. It works at times but often times it doesn’t.

An annoying thing I have seen for quite a while but has started to recently really bother me are the GEO targeting ads, such as:

St Paul mom loses XX pounds.

Maple Grove Dad makes a fortune

I can’t help but think that these are going to start lose effectiveness, mainly because they don’t deliver on the promise and it’s getting easier and easier for people to see through this.

What About Grandma?

But does this get Grandma off her chair? (Yes great change in direction)

I was listening to a talk the other day, and I don’t remember who to attribute it too but he mentioned that when something goes mainstream is when Grandma in the midwest simply clicks the ON button and things start to happen. She gets the information or gets the service she is looking for. She doesn’t have to think about it.

I would have to agree here.

The latest darling of the GEO location based craze is FourSquare.

Applications like FourSquare are nice but to break through the novelty and to have a strong impact it has to offer more than just a check in and badges. Game mechanics in a social network can only take you so far. I find it tough to justify to a business that any one over 30 is going to be heavy users of Foursquare.

This doesn’t mean that businesses should ignore it… it falls into what I like to say is Tactics of social engagement. It’s one of the tools you use to interact with your customers.

You first evaluate, create metrics to track the success, and implment. Part of that implemenation is finding out what works and adapting. But as with social media this shouldn’t be looked at as the holy grail of interaction.

That’s my thoughts for today.