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Overcoming Hurdles in Your Content Curation Process








This is a completely true assessment of curation. Curation is a good strategy but like any form of content marketing it takes time. More than time it’s about consistency and focus. Most people give up or stop just as they are about to realize their greatest traffic and monetization gains, that’s why it is important to overcome hurdles in curation…

Many bloggers these days are turning to content curation as a tactic to add to their repertoire of blogging tools.  As they do so they are finding that content curation can be hard work.  Maybe not as hard as content creation, but it does have its own hurdles and can be very time consuming to do well.

The biggest hurdle to content curation is also why it is valuable to your blog’s community – there is so much information to read through and digest out on the internet.  To do well at curation, you need to process 20, 50 maybe 100 articles and posts per day to find great information to curate.  Just skimming a bunch of titles from your RSS feed and posting them without comment just doesn’t cut it these days.