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Headless Gladiator, Laser Beam Discovery, and Ancient Factory [history]

History roundup (image by David Paul Ohmer)

I haven’t done a history post in a while and wanted to share a few interesting things I’ve seen lately. The first is a possible Roman gladiator cemetery found in England. Not just one but quite a few skeletons and artifacts was found. As reported by CNN:

“One of the most significant items of evidence is a large carnivore bite mark – probably inflicted by a lion, tiger or bear — an injury which must have been sustained in an arena context, ” said Kurt Hunter-Mann, the lead archeologist on the dig.

Now the pull quote from this whole article has to be this…

“It would seem highly unlikely that this individual was attacked by a tiger as he was walking home from the pub in York 2,000 years ago,” he said.

Well you never know – life was harsh in those days. Also mentioned is a grave of tall man between 18 – 23 years of age, buried who had been decapitated by several sword blows to the neck.

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Women X – New Human Ancestor? [history]

Well starting here in a few weeks I really want to start talking about history and entertainment in addition to new media marketing. These are two things in my life that I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve gone back and forth between doing it here on my website or doing it on another domain entirely. I’ve decided that I’ll do it here and see how it works out. My aim is to bring in history but add something, ask questions and explore how little we truly know and assume about us on this earth.

This story here in which a possible new human ancestor was found is yet possible proof that we know maybe half of what we think we know about early man.

While this story talks about how the DNA is significantly different from either Neanderthals or modern humans.

“It really just looked like something we had never seen before,” Johannes Krause of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, told a telephone briefing.

I’d take a minor issue with this, yes, the DNA does seem to be different but their evidence is slim. It’s based on a small bone excavated from a cave. This is the only physical remains they have to go on. Because the single fragment is all that has been recovered, researchers are unable to determine what the species looked like, how they lived and how they came to disappear.

So a few my questions are… of the 500 or so generations that man has had is it possible that one person throughout that time could have some minor change in make up of DNA? What if this person was born and grew up next to some natural chemical fill, say sulfur ground or something? Would that alter DNA makeup of the mother, father, or generations?

Kind of hard to tell from a single finger…