Women and Social Media

Women in social media (image by armigeress)

Women are huge on social media says the latest study from Lightspeed Research for Oxygen Media Group. Almost half of women ages 18 to 34 consider themselves “Facebook addicts” and 15 percent of moms check Twitter “every waking moment,” according to new research. According to the study 57 percent say they talk to people more often online than they do face to face.

Another study by Lucid Marketing which surveyed moms who describe themselves as “hooked on Twitter” and found that 54 percent of Twitter-using moms check their feeds 10 or more times per day

Not only are they hooked but they use Twitter to connect to brands. Top reasons for this are:

  • A desire to find out about the company’s products or services (67%)
  • To get good deals (60%).
  • To follow businesses on Twitter because they’re already customers. (67%)
  • To follow up on a retweet (41%)
  • Famous person doing the tweeting for a business carries little clout with moms (6%).

The key here… if your in business and want to foster word of mouth with women it might be smart to be in Facebook and Twitter.