Social Media Impact on Purchase Decisions and 55+ on Facebook

Social Media Impact on Purchase Decisions

I saw some interesting things from Performics. The study, conducted by ROI Research for Performics, is based on the responses of 3 000 U.S. users/consumers “who access at least one social network regularly” and compares to a previous report issued in October 2009.

Called “S-Net (The Impact of Social Media)”, it looks at how various consumer segments relate to social networks on a daily basis, with a special emphasis on purchase behaviors around different types of products and in relation to other media channels.

Key points and stats:

  • 80% said they have an active Facebook account, 71% a year ago
  • 67% had reconnected with people they would have lost impact with or not even looked for otherwise
  • 39% said they responded to other people’s Tweets at least once a week
  • 41% use Facebook for info on companies and products
  • 49% want to get more printable coupons
  • 46% want more notification of sales and specials
  • 35% want info about new products

The Take Away

While the growth in Facebook accounts is interesting, even more interesting is that Facebook continued to grow during it’s latest privacy flap.

With people connecting with people in their past this has to have a bearing on purchase decisions and brand perceptions. What the report doesn’t speak about is relevancy. While consumers might want more coupons, notifications, and info on new products therein is the challenge. How do you ensure that all these communications are relevant and add value?

The key here is to set up a system that separates your communication and your strategy in vertical channels. A good example of this is what Apple does. They have separate Itunes and App Store pages on Facebook. This means that they can easily understand the messaging, offers, and information they release per channel. It also inherently creates the unique communication channel. Apple knows the people following Itunes want music and rich media information. App store followers want info on new apps, updates, and items such as special offers.

As EConsultancy put it: “social media might help you convert awareness into action” but you have to know how to interact, share the brand love with your fans and drive them to influence their entourage to buy your product, your brand.

55+ on Facebook

I also wanted to share an interesting conversation from CNN. They asked the question 55+ and on Facebook? CNN wants to hear from you. They asked why they decided to join a social network. With over 101 comments and still going I’d check it out for insight into this demo. Very powerful and insightful stuff if you sell to this market. View the page here.