My Design of a Search Engine

How many times have you visited

Okay, I’ve visited Bing probably maybe twice. Both times it was to verify rankings of various websites that I have. what I found was that the rankings where spot on to what google was currently returning.

Does that mean that I ignore Bing?

No, as when I run certain programs I use, such as Market Samauri, Bing is a additional network I add for value verification. But all in all I’m not sure if I will ever visit Bing again.

It comes down to the value proposition.

How I Do It

Currently when I search for something I go directly to the address bar, type in the phrase and hit enter.

My default search is set to google (as is it seems just about everybody else I know). 9 times out of 10 google gives me the result I am looking for, or at least close to then do one or two more searches.

So I ask myself… what would get me to change search engines?

Is it the experience, the results, or something else…

As I think about this what would get me to move to a whole new search engine is actually a shift in the search paradigm.

It’s All About the Experience

It would have to be such a different experience as to add value to the overall result I was looking for.

So for instance, if I was looking on how to cook steak here is what I would expect to see:

  • Organic results to text based articles (the ability to highlight over and view a overview of article and pictures)
  • sponsored results with the same info (At times I tend to have success with sponsored results)
  • box outlining video results
  • box outlining current and trending conversations within social media
  • box outlining the popularity of articles and stories based on social bookmarking sites

What this all means

Simply put if I had a search engine or application that was able to aggregate all the content based on popularity and usability that would be a game changer.

Obviously this is natural for google to start moving into, as they have already done with showing video results and social media conversation results organically.

But I want more. What I want is a true aggregation of the above.

What do you think?