Don’t Be Evil–So Let’s Regulate

Should Google (and ducks for that matter) be regulated? (image by Yodel Anecdotal)

I recently read an editorial in “The New York Times” called “The Google Algorithm.” This is about whether or not there should be regulation on Google for their search results. Granted Google gets 90 plus percent of searches and they have these offshoot services such as YouTube and Maps and other things.

Another less than brilliant idea although I am a little concerned about Google’s increasingly close ties to government and Washington.

One of the things that was mentioned in this story or this editorial was the flight information software firm, ITA, is on the purchasing block by Google for $700 million. So they’re looking to enter the online travel search market. Obviously, other players in this market are Expedia, Orbitz, Bing. My huge problem I have with this is no one’s forcing anybody to use Google. Now, they have their algorithm, similar to the way that Coke has their own special formula.

Regulators Mount Up

I don’t see how . . . there’s no government agency trying to regulate, well, actually that’s not true. There’s government agencies right now looking to tax Coke, looking to tax soft drinks. So I don’t think that’s a direct tax, but there’s no government agency out there that’s looking to explore the editorial policy of how Google tweaks its search algorithm.

One of the things mentioned in this story are early suggestions to Google such as some level of detail on the editorial policy that guides its tweaks. Another would be to give some government commission the power to look at those tweaks. I hate that considerably.More government bureaucrats who can barely run the government trying to oversee a highly technical thing such as search.

One thing I’ve learned from studying history is that power always tends to get larger and after a while power tends to also corrupt. And this is the same as far as large corporations, multinational corporations, especially governments. If I had to vote I would vote on the side of Google mainly because there is tons of other resources out there. The bottom line is you use Google because they’re the best. I guess I would argue that, if you use Google, you use them because they’re the best.