Death Ground – Your Key to Success

Sun Tzu wrote of creating a ‘death ground’ — a place where an army is backed up against some geographical feature like a mountain, a river, or a forest and has no escape route.

Without a way to retreat an army fights with double or triple the spirit it would have on open terrain, because death is viscerally present. Sun Tzu advocated deliberately stationing soldiers on death ground to give them the desperate edge that makes men fight like the devil.

It’s time for you to create your death ground.

Yes, back yourself into a mountain, in fact, back yourself into a mountain full of dry trees and light that mountain on fire. This way you have no choice but to advance.

At first you can admire the great spectacle that is the flames. But as it grows you will begin to feel the heat. The flames rise and you are left with a choice.

Do I stand here and die or do I fight my way through the other side?

Look we all are on a slow path to death. Grim isn’t it? Your slowly dying…

It’s either you choose to place your back against the wall or you choose to live a life that does push you to your outer limits.

People change their behavior only if they have too.

We are creatures of habit. We get into the daily grind. When our situation is relaxed or the same daily grind we fall prey to this self replicating nonsense.

Creating a sense of urgency, immediate urgency will break this spell.

If you’ve seen the movie Fight Club, the main character of sorts intentionally blows up his apartment and all his belongings. He goes and lives in a completely dilapidated house in the outskirts of the city. he chose fighting to connect with himself, and to break the chains that was holding him back.

While extreme and I wouldn’t suggest blowing your place yet but this is the type of thing that you should consider right now.

What can you do that creates your personal Death Ground?