Real Time Revolution

Are we at a point that news delivery is at Point Zero? (image by Serge Melki)

Digital delivery of content has hit a point where the cost is virtually zero. Are we at a time where “time” is at a point where real time and real time delivery of news is at a virtual zero?

Think of one of the most pivotal events of the last decade. September 11th, 2001. Can you picture where you were when you found out about the horrific attacks? How about how you found out? Was it via a text message, email, phone call, radio, or TV?

How Would We Find Out Today?

Facebook, Twitter, or Buzz–one big difference from then to today is the speed at which news can travel is virtually instantaneous. I would also argue that vever before has information and one event been able to create a crowd sourced collective knowledge.

These days information travels faster but we also have platforms for us to connect and interact around a specific event. I was reminded of this recently with the flotillas and Israel. The speed at which the story hit new media. The commentary and conversations I saw in Twitter and Facebook was staggering.

The Future of Events

I feel this bodes well for the future of news and the truth. The more social platforms that allow people to get the news out the better. It used to be that news was delivered in a centralized container. Now your ability to get what is going on–comment on it, pass it along, or be part of the stream of updates on the event is greater than ever.

As we get smarter and smarter devices these events will also contain rich media. Videos, pictures, Twitter updates. I’m still waiting for the first person to locked in a room live Tweeting while being held hostage.

The Truth is Out There

What was interesting to see on this Israeli event was the narratives that played out. One narrative within the mainstream media and one narrative within the real time web revolution. I for one would rather have millions of voices commentating and reporting on a event than have 4-5 centralized synthesized reporting.