My Favorite Trends from Brief

I really do enjoy the reports from They recently released a brief welcoming you to innovation insanity brief… here are my favorites:

Number 12. Japan, KitKat 19 regional favorites: Taking a local approach to candy bars, Nestlé recently launched 19 new Kit Kat flavours in Japan that reflect food specialties of specific districts.

KitKats in Japan

Number 15. Curated marketplace for self published books: IndieReader offers a marketplace for independent, self-published books. The books sold on the site are curated by IndieReader to ensure that the cream of the indie “crop” is well-represented.

Number 18 butcher shop installs vending machines. Genius idea and something that has wide ranging possibilities if you think about it. With three stores in Northern Spain, butcher Izarzugaza has installed a vending machine outside its Mundaka shop that sells a variety of meats, sausages, sandwiches and other goods around the clock.

vending machine butcher

Number 41. Group buying widget for Ecom. SyncFu is a free widget that any ecommerce website can install to let deal-seeking consumers team up for volume discounts. Online retailers begin by adding SyncFu to their site and then setting the quantity-price ratio for their relevant products. More like a GroupOn on demand, kind of cool.

group buying widget

Number 51. I love to travel and the tours I’ve been on usually have us getting up at the crack of dawn. This concept from Executive Tours sounds interesting… designed “for those who don’t consider themselves ‘morning people’.” Rather, in its guided excursions to Italy and France, the company ensures that it never schedules any activities before noon.

The report is worth reading through to see a vast range of the latest in creativity.