Old Media Terrorizing the Local Townspeople

Ol dMedia
Is the old media dead yet? (photo by ShironekoEuro)

This old media is not dead—it’s undead. It’s still walking around terrorizing the local townspeople. That latest viral video, do you know how it became viral? First it appeared on YouTube. Then it was highlighted by a blogger who is followed by a few in the know within the old media print media. The story was ran in a few local large markets and then picked up by some more bloggers.

Next it hit the morning TV shows then the afternoon shows. After all this then it hit it’s stride. It went from under a million views to multi-million. The key here is that the driver for the viral effect was the reach and credibility of old media. Old media is also being led by new media.

What’s That Over There?

There is a big elephant in this room. Old media still doesn’t get it. I recently watched a movie titled Down Fall. This movie was about the final days of the Nazi regime focusing on primarily the leadership and the final acts within the bunker in Berlin. This is a great movie, well acted and engaging.

I learned about this movie because of YouTube. Someone took a scene in this movie (which was in german) and essentially created close caption tracks. These ranged from the launch of Apple’s iPad to who on major awards. After a while the YouTube was forced to pull all of these parodies. I’m sure for some copyright infringement.

I among other people were exposed to this movie because of this. I searched out this movie that I knew nothing about to watch it. If this was just a single example we might not be able to gleam anything from it. But it isn’t–this is the new norm of discovery.