Interesting Site and Monetization With Content Discussion Added On

I learned about a new modeling site that I found pretty interesting.

Here is what they do from their site:

Zivity is where over 50,000 people just like you rub elbows with models, photographers and video artists in an ad-free social network.

We think your voice is sexy. So, our VIP Subscribers use dollar-backed votes to pass royalties to the creators of their favorite content.

To me this is a very interesting concept. First I like to put myself in the mind of the site creator. Let’s say I want to build a website centered around models.

My first problem is how do I entice models and photographers to put pictures on my site? Fame, money, something else? Quite a challenge…


Then my next question would be how do I monetize this? Yes this is the big question.

What does amazes me. The  answer to both of these questions is pretty interesting.

First, they don’t charge the models or photographers to be part of the website. They do something I find interesting, they charge people to be able to vote for their favorite model. Then each model or photographer gets paid a portion of this income. (I’m sure my explanation is oversimplified).

This has some interesting implications. Well first the revenue model is based on the ability for the content to be good. If it’s not then no one would pay. I would also think that it would force the quality content up higher and higher. No one is going to stick around and vote if the models and pictures are great.

Another interesting thing that I like is it forces the content providers to promote themselves and grow the network. While I’m not sure how successful this site is, as a concept it’s something that I found interesting. Also they have done a great job at defining themselves in a competitive space.

More On Content

The continuing popularity of social media and social sources of traffic has the possibility to change the content that is produced and that we consume.

Think about this, up until a year or so ago the primary focus on many content providers was to optimize content two ways. One to gather search traffic and one to satisfy the reader or viewer.

Enter social sharing and the amount of traffic being driven by places like Twitter and Facebook.  It is hard not to reason that this will change content. When the producer of a piece of content has to no longer worry about crafting a story or a video in relation to what the SE’s want to see I’m hoping this will improve the overall quality of content.

When quality improves then I would reason to say that sharing will improve. So it’s sort of a self prophecy. It is something to definitely take a notice about.

I think this also plays into what is doing as well.