How To Be Part of 83

I saw this come across my email today:

The average US web user visited 83 domains, had 51 internet sessions, surfed 2,614 pages and spent an average of 56 seconds per page in December 2009, according to data from The Nielsen Company.

My first question was, how do I become part of that 83 domains that people are visiting? Well at least in my target market.

Even more shocking is that the average person spends 56 seconds per page.

One more of a reason why you need to focus building content that is scannable.

With 51 internet sessions, this is for most US webs surfers twice a day.

When do these happen?

Before work or school? Probably not, most likely when someone first comes home or at work. Then probably later at night, after things have calmed down a bit.

I would reason that the average user visits maybe 10 – 15 core sites a week. Maybe a little more, I know from my own surfing habits I visit about 15. From there I visit aggregators, what’s popular, or what I’ve landed on from a search.

What I’m Really Getting At

How do you design a website and content so that you become part of that core? What do people need to see to make that decision that you are a trusted source?

Or are they visiting already trusted sources? Sites such as,,,

What I really want to figure out is how many of those 83 sites are casual websites they are aware of or new visits.

What I’m talking about is more behaviour of the average  user, if you understand this I believe you can align your content to fit this behaviour. At least this is my first initial thought.

Where is the Time Spent

If you dive into the data here a little bit you will see that the time per person spent on (google and Microsoft) was just about 2 hours or so. Yahoo makes it to 3, mainly because it’s more of a portal search site.

As you can guess, Facebook blows all these out of the water. So much so that the time people spend on Facebook equal about the time that people spend on Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo together. 6 hours and 24 minutes.

That’s  a lot  of attention and is also why if you are engaging any form of social media Facebook should be your number one spot.

The Takeaway

  1. If you have a pretty standard market get involved in Facebook now.
  2. Make your content so valauble that within 3-5 seconds they want to stay for 56 seconds (or more).