A Better Mousetrap

Creating a new mouse trap for marketing. (image by shadphotos)

Isn’t the way marketers explain how to capture customers some of the oddest verbiage out there? The old mousetrap technique.

Here is the big problem with the state of mouse. These little squeaky things they’ve gotten intelligent and somehow they have evolved. So that spring loaded mousetrap with the cheese you have in the basement hasn’t even been touched and if it has it’s been dismantled without you even noticing.

[this post is a combination of a few ideas from my book I’m steadfastly working to complete]

The Sales Funnel

Even the sales funnel. This notion that customers come in at the top and magically gravity pulls them down has been outdated for at least  decade. Turning  the sales funnel sideways does make more logical sense. But even that in is outdated.

I liken our current environment more of a sales bucket. A sales bucket of prospects and leads who fill your bucket and make their own holes.  That visualization will frustrate anyone because we have naturally been inclined to lead people down a path.

BMW’s in Walmart’s Parking Lot

If that was true how do you explain the BMW’s in the parking lot of Walmart? The new consumer is trading-up and trading-down with little or no thought to the practice. Consumers have no loyalty anymore– they will go where they see value. Beyond a few diehards for brands such as Apple and Harley-Davidson people are simply not brand loyal. Nor do they really see the benefit of branded items as they once did. As Michael J. Silverstein writes in his book Treasure Hunt:

Consuming has become a treasure hunt—a constant search through the world’s incredibly vast and ever-changing store of goods and services—with the goal of finding the perfect value every time. (Silverstein, 2006)

So if the consumer is seeking the perfect value something has to give. One of the first things to give is loyalty. Instead of focusing on transparency and authenticity brands should focus on creditability. No one cares if you are authentic or transparent—in fact they expect that—what they are looking for is credibility in your product, your customer service, and the benefit they get from using your product or service.

So focus on being credible in all that you do…