Why CraigsList Sucks

Nothing new here as I know this is talked about and talked about but I have been reminded why Craig’s List completely sucks as a tool to be used by anyone looking for serious talent.

We are adding a graphic designer to our team and I figured I would use CL as a tool to help find good qualified people. Now in two days my post has been flagged by the community three times.

I know this is a rant common but come on, at least give some insight on why a true post is flagged. Here is our ad for a graphic designer:

A new media marketing and business development company is seeking a full time graphic designer.

Candidate must have the following skill set:

  • Ability to work directly with our clients to mockup and design websites
  • Understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Experience creating web design concepts, graphics, site navigation and layout
  • Ability to create cutting edge designs and web designs that a cut above your typical designs out there
  • Logo design experience
  • WordPress design and implementation
  • Also, you really enjoy designing and would get up each and every day doing graphic design, If you don’t have a passion for graphic design please do not apply.


  • Adobe Suite
  • WordPress
  • Any other graphic design software in common use, this is your expertise so we will assume you will know what tools you should be using.

About the Position

This position will be full time. There will be a 30 – 60 day trial period where you will work as a consultant for our company. In this period the duties will be the same as what you will transition into full time.

Our team will already have been working with our client for 1-2 weeks, defining the branding, marketing, and skills assessment of our client.

From there we would turn our client and this information gathered over to you. It would be your role to design and develop a unique look and feel for our client website and marketing materials.

We would prefer to give you an open book here, where you could be as creative as possible as long as it still would fit with our clients overall brand image. In addition we would want you to be able to grow and stretch your designs to make them be a step above and cut apart other designers out there.

From there you would be working directly with our client reps and our clients to finalize a design, logos, call to action graphics, and any other graphic design requirements.

You would be work with skilled people that enjoy what they do and have a self starter mindset. We would be looking for the same from you.


  • You Must Be Located in Twin Cities, ST Cloud, or surrounding metro of the twin cities. (IF YOU ARE NOT DO NOT APPLY, We don’t care if you can’t beat anybodies price, We want someone local)
  • Must be able to work full time and start ASAP
  • You must have a resume
  • You must have a portfolio
  • You also must be able to work from your home and have the necessary equipment to do so

To be considered for the position please

  • Include resume (in PDF, or direct to online version)
  • You must have an online portfolio (please direct us there as well)
  • Date you can start

Pay: 15.00 – 25.00 hour