We Are Closer to Jurassic Park

Pretty amazing discovery out of Africa (see slideshow or AMNH.org). Sealed in Amber are Ants, wasps, thrips, spiders and other organisms dating to 95 million years ago are preserved with remarkable, life-like detail in Cretaceous amber from Ethiopia, according to a new study.

Amber locked in insects, bugs, and other great things...

Co-author of the study Vincent Perrichot told Discovery News “Mostly these fossils show a combination of characters, primitive or advanced, which still exist today, but are found only in separate species.”

The “most outstanding discovery,” according to the scientists, is “a complete, well-preserved although enrolled, wingless ant.” It’s one of the world’s oldest fossilized ants, and suggests that ants may have first arose at, or near, what is now Africa.

Since bacteria, fungi and plant remains were additionally preserved, the amber reveals the interactions insects had with these species.

I think it’s time to splice some DNA and open an island…