Headless Gladiator, Laser Beam Discovery, and Ancient Factory [history]

History roundup (image by David Paul Ohmer)

I haven’t done a history post in a while and wanted to share a few interesting things I’ve seen lately. The first is a possible Roman gladiator cemetery found in England. Not just one but quite a few skeletons and artifacts was found. As reported by CNN:

“One of the most significant items of evidence is a large carnivore bite mark – probably inflicted by a lion, tiger or bear — an injury which must have been sustained in an arena context, ” said Kurt Hunter-Mann, the lead archeologist on the dig.

Now the pull quote from this whole article has to be this…

“It would seem highly unlikely that this individual was attacked by a tiger as he was walking home from the pub in York 2,000 years ago,” he said.

Well you never know – life was harsh in those days. Also mentioned is a grave of tall man between 18 – 23 years of age, buried who had been decapitated by several sword blows to the neck.

That’s odd because in all the movies I’ve seen most gladiators lose their head with one swift blow… in slow motion… while our hero is yelling… and thinking of how his whole family was massacred. So I think they might have to do a little more investigating there.

Laser Beams Reveal Maya Structures

A flyover of Belize’s thick jungles has revolutionized archaeology worldwide and vividly illustrated the complex urban centers developed by one of the most-studied ancient civilizations — the Maya. Read the story on Science Daily.

This is truly staggering what they found. Thousands of new structures, causeways, agricultural terraces, and many hidden caves. A city that spreads over 68 square miles.

I can’t wait to see this new technology called LiDAR to be put in action around the world. The cool thing about this technology is you can view the imagery it captures in 3D– so you can really get a feel for what the structures looked like. If you want more information visit the Caracol Archaeological Project.

How Much Have We Changed?

I remember when I went to Pompeii how easy it was to imagine the city streets full and alive. I put this next story into that element. A stone age color, glue factory was found. Yes a factory that is possibly over 58,000 years old. Here are a few facts from the discovery:

  • A 58,000-year-old ochre powder production site has been discovered at Sibudu, South Africa.
  • The end product — ochre powder — could have been used to color leather, to make adhesives and more.
  • The “factory” site was intended to produce large quantities of red pigment in a short time frame.

Once again proof of how little we truly know about the history of our short time on earth. All I’m waiting for now is for someone to discover an ancient office structure with cubicles. What would take the cake if they could find this ‘office’ with skeletons still intact. Thus proving that ancient man was designed to work chained to a desk in a structure of false walls.