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Top Stories from Today for this story from All Things Considered will be available at approximately … It was his first time on the internet, and within a few days the 9-year-old hacked the system so he could stay online past the 30-day trial period…. Meet Mafiaboy, The ‘Bratty Kid’ Who Took Down The Internet you think your school is overly cautious when it makes you ditch your phone before a big test, you haven’t seen anything yet. BuzzFeed News has learned that multiple universities have issued blanket bans on all watches during exams in case student…… Schools ban watches from exams to keep cheats off your wrist of the biggest obstacles to buying Samsung’s Gear VR is… well, trying the darn thing. How do you know whether or not you’ll like this phone-powered virtual reality headset without strapping it on your head first? That won’t be too much of a pro…… Best Buy will let you try Samsung’s Gear VR in stores on February 8th

Ecosystem 101: The Six Necessary Categories To Build The Next Silicon Valley

As I was answering by drawing from my 12 years across Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia), I had a sort of epiphany and started to write down the criteria I thought composed an ecosystem. I then proceeded to score several markets using those, which brought interesting comparisons. The initial draft expanded into this column. It is far from perfect and comments to improve it are welcome!

What is OExchange?

OExchange is a protocol that defines the way services like Google Buzz, Digg, StumbleUpon, or Addthis receive, find, and share content. (Video Below)

It’s a great idea as sharing has become one of the backbones of the internet and traffic. OExchange calls content publishers “sources” and places or services that share this content as “targets”. By providing a open protocol the new platform hopes to be not only the standard but ease the sharing between sites, services, and platforms. OExchange ask a few great questions:

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The IT guy is Google and Woof Social Network

I watched The Office last night and two things had me laughing but also stood out. In the clip below as the IT guy rattles off things he knows we could easily replace this guy with a faceless Google guy. As the cry of Facebook privacy reaches a higher pitch few realize just how much stuff google knows about you. Even more for all the gmail users like me out there. Buzz gave us a glimpse and put it front and center but that data and those connections are still there. Just something to think about as the “Nick” below goes  on about some of the things he knows…

Also this is hilarious, the new Woof social network which at times feels where our world is heading (update: if the video doesn’t play click here to do a search on YouTube, the man is trying to keep this down)

Accept Payment Anywhere

There is a interesting device I saw that allows you to virtually accept payments anywhere. Square, which launched late last year from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, is now offering a way for anybody with an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android device to accept credit card payments for less hassle and fees than before possible.

This could be a big thing for local businesses or even garage sales.

View more information or even sign up on thier website. Also read a roundup from WebProNews or and the news on Mashable.

My Thoughts

Just as Paypal or Ebay has changed the ability to conduct commerce with individuals I believe this could be one of those types of technologies. It has a few hurdles to get over. First you have to have a device that plugs into your phone. Which isn’t a huge problem as they are giving these away for free when you sign up. Also it might not be Square that figures this out. Maybe they had the idea but someone else will implement it better.

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