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The Notebook Approach

Key to insights, thoughts, and ideas-- The Notebook Approach

As of late I’ve been in all out action mode. I’ve put myself on an aggressive schedule.

From creating some great new products, to learning the things that I’ve put off for far too long.

One thing I noticed as I jumped in head first was that I have flashes of insight.

These come at weird times. Sometimes I’m eating, or reading in our ‘sun room area’, or I’m about to go to sleep. Now I used to put these insights into a memory bank…

I attempted too but I never fully remembered these insights as vividly as I did the night before.

So I’ve adopted the Notebook Approach.

The Notebook Approach

It’s rather simple actually, as I’m sure you have guessed all you do is put a notebook in each room or in close proximetidy to where you hang out most often.

This has worked wonders for me.

I’ve been able to remember insights, thoughts, action items, all sorts of stuff.

Now I’ve also tried carrying around a voice recorder but this simply didn’t work for me.

See I never went back to the voice memos and listened to them. I think I figured out why this didn’t work for me.

A voice memo is not easily accessible or scanable. Well it is but you have to take that memo and transcribe it. (which let me see if there is a cheap service and if so I’ll update this post).

A voice memo is great for when you simply have an insight or thought and have to get it out, but beyond that I found it doesn’t work for me.

So while having multiple notebooks in different rooms for instance is equally a pain, it does provide an easy way to go back and look at your thoughts.

Tips for the Notebook Approach

I’ve been doing this a while now so I have a few tips that I’ve learned.

  • Keep a notebook in each room you spend time in, and especially by your bed.
  • Keep a pen there as well (it sucks having a great thought and not being able to write it down because you can’t find a pen handy)
  • Be liberal with the paper, what I mean here is don’t crowd your thoughts on one sheet. When you have a new insight or thought put it on a separate sheet of paper, that way it’s easy to add sub notes.
  • At least once every two weeks go back and look over past notes, thoughts, or insights (this will spark new thoughts)

As I continue to utilize the Notebook Approach I will update this post with new ideas.

What do you think of the notebook approach? Do you do something similar?

Notebooks in each room. Ah, but a pen as well.