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You Are Wrong

We have deep seated reasons for not being wrong... wait I'm I right there? (image by KungPaoCajun)

A new and great book has been written by Kathryn Schulz titled Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error.

Schulz starts with one underlying question: Why do we love being right? Is it for sport or some other deep seated need, she writes, “unlike many of life’s other delights — chocolate, surfing, kissing — it does not enjoy any mainline access to our biochemistry: to our appetites, our adrenal glands, our limbic systems, our swoony hearts.” but that’s not quite the case she continues, “we can’t enjoy kissing just anyone, but we can relish being right about almost anything,” including that which we’d rather be wrong about, like “the downturn in the stock market, say, or the demise of a friend’s relationship or the fact that at our spouse’s insistence, we just spent 15 minutes schlepping our suitcase in exactly the opposite direction from our hotel.”

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My Favorite Trends from Brief

I really do enjoy the reports from They recently released a brief welcoming you to innovation insanity brief… here are my favorites:

Number 12. Japan, KitKat 19 regional favorites: Taking a local approach to candy bars, Nestlé recently launched 19 new Kit Kat flavours in Japan that reflect food specialties of specific districts.

KitKats in Japan

Number 15. Curated marketplace for self published books: IndieReader offers a marketplace for independent, self-published books. The books sold on the site are curated by IndieReader to ensure that the cream of the indie “crop” is well-represented.

Number 18 butcher shop installs vending machines. Genius idea and something that has wide ranging possibilities if you think about it. With three stores in Northern Spain, butcher Izarzugaza has installed a vending machine outside its Mundaka shop that sells a variety of meats, sausages, sandwiches and other goods around the clock.

vending machine butcher

Number 41. Group buying widget for Ecom. SyncFu is a free widget that any ecommerce website can install to let deal-seeking consumers team up for volume discounts. Online retailers begin by adding SyncFu to their site and then setting the quantity-price ratio for their relevant products. More like a GroupOn on demand, kind of cool.

group buying widget

Number 51. I love to travel and the tours I’ve been on usually have us getting up at the crack of dawn. This concept from Executive Tours sounds interesting… designed “for those who don’t consider themselves ‘morning people’.” Rather, in its guided excursions to Italy and France, the company ensures that it never schedules any activities before noon.

The report is worth reading through to see a vast range of the latest in creativity.

Can You Make a Verb?

Have you ever thought or said to someone to just Google It? I’ve heard this phrase quite a bit, I’ve seen the phrase throughout the years, and even 4  year old children know about it.

How did this phrase come about? Did Google launch a major campaign and marketing effort to change the minds of someone saying they are going to ‘search’ to ‘google’? Did they run banner ads, print campaigns, commercials on TV and in movie theaters? Did they try to capture the youth market with hip ads and young adults putting their search engine to use while on a mountain snowboarding and drinking RedBull?

Ah no… the term came to be because of utility–because it was highly effective and a product that stood out amongst all the others. So “just google it” became synonymous with search.

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Empty Your Mind, Be Formless. Shapeless, Like Water.

bruce lee close up
Bruce Lee - Inspiration wtih Punches, Kicks, and Words

Finding inspiration from those that are the best at what they do is something I really do enjoy. It’s amazing that those out there that are truly passionate about what they do and can articulate it with ease and flair will forever be relevant.

Bruce Lee is one of those people. Here is a great roundup of some videos and quotes from a one of the best critical thinker, philosopher, fighter, and inspirational person of the last century. I believe wisdom from any art can be adapted to your advantage

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Research Lifestreaming in Your Bedroom

Lifestreaming Research (photo by Tiago Riberio)

Yesterday HarrisInteractive launched what they call Research Lifestreaming (sm), what they call a revolutionary new research platform that presents a 360-degree view of individuals by connecting information they post online, survey responses, and behavioral data.

Yeah I know typical press release jargon. But this is something that is actually kind of new–here is where they are blazing into new frontiers:

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Real Time Revolution

Are we at a point that news delivery is at Point Zero? (image by Serge Melki)

Digital delivery of content has hit a point where the cost is virtually zero. Are we at a time where “time” is at a point where real time and real time delivery of news is at a virtual zero?

Think of one of the most pivotal events of the last decade. September 11th, 2001. Can you picture where you were when you found out about the horrific attacks? How about how you found out? Was it via a text message, email, phone call, radio, or TV?

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Falling in Line with the Crowd

Group think is old news. As a reminder this can be used for good, bad, and your benefit. Old video from years ago proves this point:

What is not shared is how many different people (or takes) did it take to get people to follow along? What percentage of people who entered the elevator reacted in lock step fashion? I would guess a high percentage of 70% or so.

What percentage of people questioned others in the elevator? If given a response which ones then acted in lock step?

What things are you doing that make people (a group, a tribe) face a different way in the elevator?