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Why Content Curation is a Marketing Must

If content is currency, what does that make content curation? We’ve all heard the buzzword thrown around, but let’s take a quick look at what it is and why we need to practice it. The “why” is simple. There’s just too much unfiltered real-time data floating around. In his article for Fast Company, “Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web,” Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of and author of Curation Nation, praises those who take it upon themselves to become content curators and gives us some numbers to ponder: Yesterday, 250 million photos were uploaded to Facebook, 864,000 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube, and 294 BILLION emails were sent. And that’s not counting all the check-ins, friend requests, Yelp reviews and Amazon posts, and pins on Pinterest. […]And while algorithms have gotten better at detecting spam, they aren’t keeping up with the massive tide of real-time data.In 2010 we frolicked, Googled, waded, and drowned in 1.2 zettabytes of digital bits and bytes. A year later volume was on an exponential growth curve toward 1.8 zettabytes. (A zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes; that’s a 1 with 21 zeros trailing behind it.)

This is a really good post on the overview of content curation, why it’s important and how to get it done. Well worth the read…

Cumulative Advantage

Yeah this makes sense to me... how about you? (image from Wikipedia)

Conventional marketing wisdom holds that predicting success in cultural markets is mostly a matter of anticipating the preferences of the millions of individual people who participate in them. If you are aware of the concept of Cumulative Advantage– that is things rise to the top not because they are better quality than the alternatives, but because people copy what their friends do: a tiny rise in popularity an early stage can mean massive popularity further down the line.

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Elements of Viral

Elements of a Viral Video

I’ve never created or even tried to create a viral video. That being said I’ve watched something roll out the last few weeks that I’d like to highlight. It’s more of a form of ‘Push Viral’, that is you create a concept with all the right elements and push it out with the intent to go viral.

An great example of this comes from CCCP who started as a production agency, but quickly found out that they could easily vertically integrate advertising in their business model. I love some of these guys ideas and what they have put together.

The latest was “liquid mountaineering” a “new sport” where you run at great speeds to walk on water. With over  5 million views (not bad for a month) this video has hit viral status.

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Your Five Senses

Five Senses of Marketing

I saw this story here about a scented billboard that gives off the smell of BBQ steak  in Mooresville, NC. (see video below). While smells in the market place is nothing new–Subway, Caribou Coffee, and McDonald’s are some of the big names that spend time and effort nailing down the perfect smell. What is new is creating a sense of smell with the intent of changing your purchase habits.

First, I’m not sure how excited I would be about a world filled with smells enticing me to try something new. Granted each establishment has it’s own smell but just imagine driving down the highway and each half mile or so being inundated with a different smell. This would get annoying fast.

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A Better Mousetrap

Creating a new mouse trap for marketing. (image by shadphotos)

Isn’t the way marketers explain how to capture customers some of the oddest verbiage out there? The old mousetrap technique.

Here is the big problem with the state of mouse. These little squeaky things they’ve gotten intelligent and somehow they have evolved. So that spring loaded mousetrap with the cheese you have in the basement hasn’t even been touched and if it has it’s been dismantled without you even noticing.

[this post is a combination of a few ideas from my book I’m steadfastly working to complete]

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Crowd Sourcing For a Brand Message — Yeah That Works

I’ve always been pretty skeptical of brands and their campaigns to create consumer created content so it was great to see this article by Rich Thomaselli on

To me this has always fell into the realm of the branding bucket of nonsense. It’s something that a company or brand can use to say they are engaging their audience. A check mark to say they are engaging in conversations with their influencers. Hey look at me I’m hanging out with the cool kids, only the cool kids were cool 10 years ago…

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Marketing to Modern Mothers

A new Pew Research Center analysis gives us some good insights into the modern mother. The report compares women who gave birth in 1990 to those in 2008.

A few things that you can take from this survey if this segment fits into your target market:

  • Few mothers are married. In 1990 72% childbirth mothers where married  in 2008 this was only 59% of childbirths.
  • The average age for a woman having her first baby gained a year, from 24 to 25.
  • Higher percentage of Hispanic and Asian mothers compared to White women. In fact a large decline in mothers who were white (65% in 1990, 53% in 2008)

What do Moms like?

The study also found that new moms like social media and free stuff.

The study found that women with children at home are more likely to use Facebook (60.3%), MySpace (42.4%) and Twitter (16.5%) than average adults (50.2%, 34.4%, 15.0%, respectively). Moreover, 15.3% maintain their own blog.

In addition, on a scale of one to five, when asked what types of promotions most influence their purchases, product samples in the store (3.8), product samples delivered to home (3.6), loyalty cards (3.5), and special displays (3.4) rank as moms’ favorites.

Take Away

This shows that mothers are getting older and putting off giving birth to later in life. This has been known for a while now but what hasn’t been as explored is what this means for the women later in life. How do these trends effect the types of products or services they will be looking for as their children age?

The key right now is get your product or service into the hands of new mothers. Also I was surprised by the percentage of mothers that maintain their own blog… 15%. If you have a product or service in this market work on connecting with this 15%.

I also talk about this a bit on my podcast, modern mothers on Defining New Media.

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