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Turning Social Media Follows into Content Marketing Leads

Digital marketing, particularly social media, has led to an obsession with meaningless numbers.

Followers, “likes”, and connections may give some indication of the size of your potential audience. But those numbers say nothing about whether your audience is really following your lead, liking what you have to say, or connecting with your message.

If followers are all you care about, hundreds of services and tricks can help you drive up those numbers with very little effort at all. You can buy hundreds of “likes” for your Facebook page for just a few cents each. Or you can use a Twitter follower service that automatically or manually follows hundreds of people every day from your account in the hope that a percentage will follow you (and then, after a few days, automatically “unfollow” those who don’t).

Content Curation Secrets Via Jack Humphrey [video]

Jack Humphrey tells us why clan marketing is like AOL. Why Content Curation makes you more powerful than your competition, even though you maybe even sharing their content and saving time not reinventing the wheel and more… True Chuck, but this is a recorded version on my G Plus For Business Show broadcast via Google Plus Hangouts ON Air. I have to name the video before the show starts, no control over what happens next. Thanks Much and a big hat tip goes out to Jack Humphrey for taking the time to help us understand how and why people really trust, respect and buy from us on the web.

Tips for Building Authority for Your Website

Having an authority in your website not only will this help you when someone searches for your website but it allows you to create a launching pad for other marketing efforts. In the latest version of the podcast I mention what I have learned in building domains that are authoritative.

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