Tips for Building Authority for Your Website

Having an authority in your website not only will this help you when someone searches for your website but it allows you to create a launching pad for other marketing efforts. In the latest version of the podcast I mention what I have learned in building domains that are authoritative.

  • Content creation means so much more than good SEO.  A high level of quality in your content is needed in order to establish a high level of authority.
  • Part of establishing an authority site is being in front of your target audience on a regular basis
  • Why understanding one aspect of what is called adult learning theory can have an impact on creating leads and prospects
  • Authority websites are not like every other website in their field
  • Why you should picture an inverted pyramid when creating content
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube quick tips.
  • Consistent success with social media can lead to a lot of traffic, links, exposure, and authority.
  • When to worry about Search engine optimization
  • Should you comment on other blogs to build authority?

Authority is built over time and with trust.

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