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I’ll tell you when I’m most passionate. That’s when I’m either marketing a business or helping someone accelerate their business. I really don’t care what business they are in–from travel, diapers, to a garbage pickup service, as long as they are passionate about what they do then it’s time to rock.

New media and new media marketing is really what I’m all about. I host a daily podcast Defining New Media, blog regularly on the WebBizIdeas.com Blog, YouBrandInc.com, and here at ScottScanlon.com.

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The Long (and unfinished) Version

There I was sitting in a perfectly good airplane.

It was night about 1,100 feet off the ground as I just exited a C-130 aircraft. Me, and 40 other paratroopers behind me, all with 100 lbs of gear, a weapon, and a main parachute and reserve. Time to get out…


Now this night was different than others… as I descended I didn’t hear the usual moans and crash of bodies colliding gently with the ground, no what I heard this time was the crackle of branches and epitaphs that would make any grizzled old navy sailor happy.

Trees Hurt

With this great insight I remember thinking “this is going to hurt” and yes I was going to land in the trees….


…this was my life as a Parachute Rigger for the US Army while stationed in Vicenza, Italy.

A parachute Rigger or Redhat (called because we got to wear Red Baseball Hats) is the person who packs the parachutes for the Airborne troopers.

There is a surefire way the Army keeps you honest in this job, once a month you are required to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft with a randomly chosen parachute you packed.

With myself and my fellow young soldiers stationed overseas in Italy with many late nights out on the town you could only imagine the conversations in our heads as we suited up for our monthly jump.

Luckily I survived as did every other person I packed a parachute for.

While overseas at a great nightclub called Nordesc I got connected with a local producer of music. That evening we went back to his studio with some of my fellow Army buddies. I always had a knack for computers and since the studio was completely ran on a computer I became the backup production artist. This slowly evolved into me becoming more involved with the music industry.

As I was getting a real world knowledge of the music biz on the ground floor my term of commitment came up for the Army. While I enjoyed the people in the military and was deployed to Bosnia , I knew inside the army was just not the path for me.

The Music Business

I was fortunate to get out when I did and that’s when I started my record label and management company Last Mile Entertainment. My company become successful and this is one of the times as a business owner I made a tactical error.

My partner and I moved our company back to the US. At the time we did not realize the competitive edge we had overseas. This among other things ….

I was fortunate though, as this was the middle of the dot com era. I got a job at a start up called Techies.com, essentially a Monstor.com for tech job seekers. Starting as a web developer I was promoted rather quickly as a software developer. The popcorn, pop, and scooters and other antics in the office was fun but I was never completely comfortable in the traditional employer employee relationship and within a short time I become a software development consultant. This was a timely move as within one week of my move Techies.com did a major layoff and removed their public offering.

While a consultant I focused on system development and design, I consulted with companies such as United Health Group, US Bank, Wells Fargo, and Siemens. I also started part time to get into real estate investing and when my last consulting contract came up I transitioned into real estate full time.

To be continued…

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